New Year Resolution:
Earn More. Join CareHires.

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As one year turns over into the next, many individuals strive towards new goals and new challenges. If your goal is to take control of your career and earn more whilst doing so, then find out how CareHires can help you reach your goals this year.

Calling all Care Workers and Nurses wanting to earn more this year

Tired of not seeing the benefits of your hard work?

On average, care workers and nurses earn over 10% more with CareHires in comparison to traditional agencies. With CareHires, what you see is exactly what you earn. Imagine what you could do with an extra 10%!

Flexible working to fit your schedule

With CareHires you are no longer tied to rotas that are predetermined by others. Using the CareHires App, you can instantly set your availability, choosing the days you want to work. You will receive requests from care homes to book your time based upon your availability.

Choose your travel distance

If you have used traditional agencies, you may have declined crucial opportunities due to distance. With CareHires you select your preferred location and radius you are prepared to travel, so you will never have to turn down opportunities again!

Take Control Today

If you want to start the New Year earning more and enjoying the benefits of flexible working, join today! you are joining a community of committed care sector professionals, striving for a better future.

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