Make Your Care Home More Eco Friendly

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As concern for the environment grows, we are all trying to make little changes to stop climate change and damage to our planet. At CareHires, we have been looking into what care homes can do to reduce energy consumption and emissions. Some suggestions might even save you money on running costs.

  • Stop wasteful use of electricity Electricity is a huge contributor to global emissions. Remember to switch off lights when you leave a room, or at the end of the day. Try energy efficient light bulbs and installing motion sensors on lights so that residents will not have to walk in the dark but won’t accidentally leave lights on. Make sure electricals are turned off at night and not on standby as doing so will use a lot of electricity.
  • Cutting water usage Reducing water usage can be difficult. It’s easy for dementia patients for example to forget the occasional running tap or to turn off lights. Installing motion-censored taps is a great idea and could also lower your water bill.
  • Recycling Using the correct bins to dispose of rubbish is a really easy way to make sure your home is more eco-friendly. Make sure that recycling bins are provided within your homes and that your staff are educated on what can or cannot be recycled.
  • Solar panels Fitting solar panels to your care home’s roof is not only great for the environment but will reduce power costs as electricity produced will run your facility. Plus, it can even earn money if you produce more than you use.
  • Get insulated Insulating your care home will ensure its temperature is properly regulated throughout the year. This will save money and electricity on heating in winter and air conditioning in summer, reducing your emissions and running costs; well worth the investment in the long run.
  • Consider switching to renewable energy providers Switching electricity and gas providers to renewable energy companies is cheaper than you may think.