Introducing CareHires To Care Homes

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CareHires is an innovative care worker agency dedicated to changing the way agencies work, making the process easier and better value. CareHires doesn’t work like a traditional agency; we are bridging the gap between care homes and care workers, giving both the freedom to control how and when we work for them.

How Does CareHires Work?

To start your collaboration with CareHires, sign up through our website or App, available on iOS and Android.

Care Homes create job requests for new shift vacancies – immediate or scheduled. Registered care workers with the required skills and experience instantly receive push notification. The care worker accepts – the shift is covered.

Once completed, the worker receives sign off and confirmation PIN; payment is processed directly to the care workers’ registered bank account. All payments and invoices are monitored and authorised through a secure dashboard for care home managers.

How To Use Our System As A Care Home?

Once you have signed up, you can post jobs immediately. Whether last-minute shift-filling, or know a couple weeks in advance, we ensure that qualified and experienced staff in your area are a few clicks away. Care workers receive notification when you post a new job, so you could have applications immediately.

Care hires believe in transparency, so the price you see on the App, is the price you pay. Our service has a fixed 15% charge, but this is already included within the advertised price for the job. No hidden charges or nasty surprises!

Manage everything from new jobs to invoices all through our App. or website, it couldn’t be easier! Sign Up Here!