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Coffee Mornings – Here’s Why They Are Great For Care Homes

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When elderly individuals move into a care home, they can often feel cut off from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. With little opportunity to leave their care home and family’s visiting when possible, it can leave elderly people feeling disconnected from society.

With isolation in the elderly growing, thousands of care homes across the country have decided to start opening their doors to the general public.

Coffee Mornings – What Are The Benefits For The Residents?

For many care homes across the country, coffee mornings have become a regular sight on the calendar. Since the very first coffee morning, elderly residents have been given the opportunity to enjoy the company of new faces.

As each coffee morning passes, those new faces become familiar friendships. The benefits of holding a coffee morning doesn’t stop at homemade cakes and warming beverages.

Here are some of the other benefits of holding an open coffee morning:

  • Elderly residents are more likely to feel more connected and engaged with their local community
  • Residents receive a much richer and personalised experience, that helps them to remain motivated and engaged within their community
  • Coffee mornings allow new relationships to blossom and in turn, reduce isolation for elderly individuals.

As a whole, open coffee mornings are proving to be extremely beneficial for both care homes and the induvial residing there. So the next time you are looking at your care home calendar, why not incorporate an open coffee morning?